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Healthcare Analytics Summit 2018 Has Your Healthcare System In Mind

Healthcare Analytics Summit

The Healthcare Analytics Summit, which can be found on the internet at, has been a time to reflect on what your healthcare organization has done right and where the future might take you. Health Catalyst has formed the Summit as a way to bring together some of the most prominent specialists both in and outside the healthcare industry, technology professionals who are well versed in analytics, and other experts who have been able to present information in a new light as well as answer specific industry questions.

Looking back at the last few years that the Healthcare Analytic Summit or HAS has been held, it is easy to see the incalculable amount of industry help that has been provided to those that have attended. Analysis of healthcare data isn’t something new, however the vast amount of data that is being collected everyday all across the world is far too much for any human or group of humans to begin to delve into. Healthcare analytics is an area that has grown in scope, understanding, technology and acceptance, especially in the last dozen years.

One of the hardest aspects about diving into a somewhat new and developing arena is that there isn’t a whole lot of information to rely upon, look up or quote from. This is specifically what HAS is all about: bundling together the people who have a chunk of the knowledge with those who want to learn and then take that back to their own communities.

Healthcare Analytics Summit

What Health Catalyst is doing is bringing together the right people, with the right knowledge base in an environment that is not only filled with presentation, but also smaller breakout sessions to help supplement specific needs or concerns, interactive games and experiences, and the updated HAS event app that allows participants to ask presenters detailed questions, join in real-time polling queries, plus see session analytics and win awards and prizes.

No one really wants to attend a summit that feels more like you’re back in an auditorium classroom setting with no ability to gain much more than a fold full of notes. That is not the purpose of HAS. There is so much knowledge that needs to be shared and so many ways that the healthcare industry can grow as more people understand the true potentials of healthcare analytics.

The best way to understand what the HAS ’18 will be all about is to know the six reasons why healthcare analytics specialists should attend:

  1. Industry leading keynote speakers – people who will be able to cover a wide variety of topics, experienced in their area of expertise and can bring a lot to the table
  2. CME accreditation for clinicians – the Summit is qualifies as a continuing medical education activity as required by AMA PRA
  3. 30 educational, case study and technical sessions – the most comprehensive summit, which will also include a bound book with summaries of the main point covered for your future needs
  4. Analytics Walkabout – a casual setting environment that allows for participants to meet more intimately with project leaders and ask one-on-one questions
  5. Analytics-drive, hands-on engagement for teams and individuals – utilizing the HAS event app, participants can see real-time analytics from the conference, ask questions and see how this applies to healthcare analytics
  6. Networking and fun – part of why any group of specialist gets together is to find others in whom they can turn to and rely upon

Healthcare Analytics Summit

Because the healthcare industry is so unique when it comes to the analytics aspect of data, it truly is advantageous for those looking to promote, and strengthen their own healthcare system to meet together in an atmosphere that allows for advancement in knowledge base, increases the understanding of future needs and does this in a situation that allows for the most potential progression as possible.

If you are interested in early registration, please click here to submit your information. If you have more questions or want to know what has happened in years past, please visit The Healthcare Analytics Summit site, and feel free to check out all the different pages and history there.

Healthcare Analytics Summit